Refuse removal and Street Cleaning

Municipality is removing the garbage that is around the town and location day in, day out. To make sure that our town is clean and healthy.

Traffic Services

At Great Kei Local Municipality (Komga) is a traffic department. Whereby we offer Motor Licensing, Drivers Testing Station, Learner Licensing and Traffic Management

Electricity Vending

We sell electricity to the community and surrounding businesses, so that life can be bit easier with electricity than those days dark world.

Street Lights and maintenance

Our town is lighting at night by street lights that are maintained by municipality to make sure crime is low.


Municipality is got a library and community is visiting day in, day out to empower their mindset in terms of research and expand their knowledge.


There are some halls that were built and situated within the Great Kei Local Municipality demarcations. Those hall are open for community to use them for good purposes.


It is one of the primary, critical and crucial service that municipality is offering to make sure people got shelters over night.

Solid Waste Management

It is service that we are responsible for waste collection, area cleaning and waste disposal at Great Kei Local Municipality and encompasses a complex set of potential impacts on human health and safety, and the environment.

Environmental Amenities

Planting trees, flowers and plants. Looking after parks and cemeteries for our community.

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