Municipal Manager’s Office

The Municipal Manager: Mr. Lawrence Mambila

The Municipal Manager:  Mr. Lawrence Mambila is the head of the administration appointed by the council. The Municipal Manager is responsible and accountable for tasks and functions as provided in section 55 of the Municipal Systems Act, No.32 of 2000, as well as functions delegated to him by the Mayor and council.

The Municipal Manager who is the accounting officer is the link between the council and the administration. He accounts for the municipality’s income and expenditure, assets, and other obligations such as proper adherence to all legislation applicable to municipalities. Mr. L Mambila ensures that an economically viable, effective, efficient, and accountable administration is established and developed. He must ensure that through the IDP, municipal services are delivered in a sustainable and balanced fashion.

Amongst his successes in leading his management team is a three-year consecutive unqualified opinion on good governance from the Auditor General.

His office also incorporates the Performance and operations unit and the Internal Audit and Risk Management.


PA to Municipal Manager – Vacant

Call: 043 831 5702


  • IDP and PMS Manager: Mr Luthando Juju


Call: 043 831 5704

  • Internal Auditor: Ms Nompelelo Sonjica


Call: 043 831 5703

  • Communications Officer: Mrs Akhona Sumane- Cakata


Call: 043 831 5746

  • Manager – Office of the Mayor and Speaker – Mrs. Tembisa Tseane


Call: 043 831 5700

  • Manager – Legal: Vacant

Call: 043 831 5700