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The Great Kei Local Municipality has embarked on a COVID-19 debt incentive scheme to encourage residents to pay for municipal services. The Council meeting held 29 June 2021, resolved to provide an incentive framework detailed below, within which qualifying debts of participants to the scheme will be written off in exchange for prompt and timeous payments of future accounts rendered by the Municipality.

Eligibility for participation in the scheme is subject to the terms and conditions as contained in the COVID-19 incentive scheme; application for participation in the scheme are to be received within the validity period of the scheme, which will commence on 1 July 2021 and will terminate on 30 October 2021

The following incentives on cash settlements and arrangements will be offered:

Residential consumers, commercial and agricultural

50% – Pay in full 40% – Pay in full 60% – Pay in full
30% – Written Off 40% – Write Off 20% – Write Off
20% – Arrangement for a maximum period of 12 months 20% – Arrangement for a maximum period of 12 months 20% – Arrangement for a maximum period of 12 months

Further to the above 40% will be written off from customer’s accounts that are on current with their accounts as at July 2021 and only pay 60% in full for three consecutive months.

The Municipality strongly urges all residents and consumers to take advantage of this once off offer; participation in this scheme is aimed at providing the consumer a rare opportunity to both save money and bring their municipal accounts into good standing whilst providing much needed resources for the Municipality to improve the current service offerings within the community.

Effective 01 November 2021, Council will be adopting a zero tolerance campaign against all consumers who are in arrears for rates and service related charges; strict enforcement of credit control and debt collection bylaw will culminate in the termination of services to site and legal action being instituted for the recovery of all outstanding arrears.

To obtain electronic copies of the application forms for participation in the scheme; please consult the Municipal website: ; hard copies of application forms and assistance with completion of an application and general enquiries, please consult:

  • Komga Finance Department; 17 Main Rd, Komga 4950 ( Contact Person: Ms N Sana)
  • Operating hours: Monday – Friday: 8h00-16h30

All enquiries and applications related to the incentive scheme may be directed as follows:





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