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Notice Draft IDP 2017-2022 and Draft 2017/2018 Budget Road Shows


Draft IDP 2017-2022 and Draft 2017/2018 Budget Road Shows

The Local Government Municipal Systems Act No 32 of 2000, Chapter 4 section 16(1) requires that the municipality must develop a culture of municipal governance that complements formal representative government with a system of participatory governance, and must for this purpose encourage, and create conditions for, the local community to participate in the affairs of the municipality, including; the preparation, implementation and review of its Integrated Development Plan and the preparation of its Budget


In compliance with the above legislation, from the 24th – 26th April 2017 Great Kei Municipality will be conducting Draft IDP 2017-2022 and Draft 2017/2018 Budget Road Showswithin the municipal jurisdiction. The Honorable Mayor /Speaker Cllr L.D. Tshetsha accompanied by Councilors together with Municipal officials will be taking rounds to all the municipal wards to get public input towards the Draft IDP 2017-2022 and Draft Budget 2017/2018. Communities and interested parties are invited to attend.


24/04/2017 1 10h00 Chintsa East Community Hall Chintsa Location,Chintsa Town and Farms
13h00 Bhulura Primary School Chintsa West Bulura, Ntushu Ntushu
24/04/2017 2 10h00 Ngxingxolo Community Hall Ngxingxolo, Slatsha,and Cefana , Makhanzi, Magranxeni,
25/04/2017 3 10h00 Nyara Community Hall Diphini, Elusizini, Ncalukeni, Bola and Sthungu
13h00 Soto Community Hall Soto and Minnor Farm
25/04/2017 4 10h00 Mziwni Community Hall Mzwini and Kwelera Farm
13h00 Lusasa Community Hall Belekumntana, Lusasa, Mangqukela
26/04/2017 5 10h00 Cwili Community Hall Kei Mouth Town, Cwili, Morgan’s Bay, Haga Haga,Ferndale and Guruga
26/04/2017 6 10h00 Great Hall Town, Old Location, WaterFall, Mistly Farm and Fort Wardern
7 13h00 Siviwe Community Hall Siviwe, Draaibotch Farm, Zone 10, Coloured Township, Burnely Farm, Inren Farm and Dale View Farm


For Enquiries please contact

Mr. L. Juju 0438317500 or



Mrs. I. Sikhulu-Nqwena, Municipal Manager

Private Bag X2



Draft IDP Roadshows


To achieve a peaceful and sustainable environment, where all communities enjoy an improved quality of life.


Provide affordable services, democratic governance and employment through infrastructural development, thriving agriculture, commerce, SMME’S and tourism activities

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