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Municipality Holds its 2020 Strategic Planning Session


Municipality Holds it 2020 Strategic Planning Session

On the 26 – 28 February 2020, the Political and Administrative leadership of GKM gathered at the Chintsa golf club where they reflected and planned ahead for the 2020/2021 Financial year. In opening the session, Honourable Mayor; Cllr N Tekile said “The hour is appropriate for us to champion Socio Economic Development. Amilcar Cabral reminds us to ‘Always bear in mind that people are not fighting for ideas, for the things in anyone’s head. They are fighting to win material benefits, to live better and in peace, to see their lives go forward to guarantee the future of their children”. He encouraged all attendees to remember that they were at the session in order to pave a way on giving the people of GKM services that will change their lives for the better. Mayor Tekile also took the time to remind all that “Our people will not eat ideas” therefore we needed to have practical solutions to challenges.

The fist day saw the session getting an overview from The Municipal Manager; Mr Lawrence Mambila on the state of affairs at the moment. This was followed by a report tabling the resolutions of the previous session and how far we had come in achieving the resolutions. CFO Ayanda Lwana gave an overview on the municipal purse.

Departments such as COGTA, ADM, DRDAR, and Provincial Treasury gave presentations that are to help us in planning for the year ahead and they pledged their support in helping the municipality deal with some of its challenges such as issues of capacity.


Day 2 was the day dedicated to Commissions. There were 5 Commissions as per the 5 Municipal KPAS;

  • Municipal Transformation and Viability
  • Good Governance and Public Participation
  • Financial Viability & Management
  • Local Economic Development
  • Basic Service Delivery & Infrastructure Investment


Each Commission was led by a Politician and members of the administration. The brief for each Commission was to discuss the Challenges and Opportunities of the said KPA using the PESTEL Model. After Having done this, each commission was to use the Systems Thinking Model (4 I’s ) to come up with solutions.

The commissions had lengthy debates which spilled on over to the third and final day, where presentations were given and resolutions taken. In closing, Mayor Tekile thanked everyone for participating in the session. He pleaded with the staff to apply the same vigour and passion into serving the people of GKM.


To achieve a peaceful and sustainable environment, where all communities enjoy an improved quality of life.


Provide affordable services, democratic governance and employment through infrastructural development, thriving agriculture, commerce, SMME’S and tourism activities

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