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The strategic session takes place against the back ground of the reduction of our electorates on the voters roll as Kwelera village has been amalgamated to BCM. Reflection on the functioning of the legislative arm of Great Kei Local Municipality.


As a Mayor I have the responsibility to account to Council.  I have a responsibility to report my decisions to the council. My role is open and depends on what powers and functions the municipal council has given to me.

I am political head of this council and I exercise both statutory and official functions. My powers and functions are set out in section 56 of the structure Act, among them are my powers to identity and develop strategies to implement and evaluate programmes and services, including key performance indicators which are specific to the municipality and common to local government in general.

As a speaker the structure act define me as a municipal councillor elected in terms of section 36 and envisaged in section 160 (1) (b) of the constitution. I have to make sure there is accessibility, integrity, discipline of office and the efficient running of the municipal council meetings. I have to be very objective and fair when discharging my functions. It is important for my office that I separate my activities as politician and speaker. The way I do my work must be respected by the different members, parties and interest in the municipal council.

Municipal committees are helping the municipal council and the Mayor to perform their functions properly must be understood. This will ensure good governance. The municipal council is responsible for all decisions of a municipality, but it may give specific functions to committees as provided for, in part 5 section79 of structures Act.

It is important that we put people first. Their concern must be taken into account and they must be heard. As council we must be accessible, trustworthy and responsive community needs, in line with the constitutional provision as well as other enabling policies and legislations such as the Municipal Structure Act, Municipal Finance Management Act and code of conduct for municipal councillors.

We must provide our services economically and efficiently in order to give the best possible value for money. In order to achieve this, as council we must among other things:

  • Continue with community engagement with a clear plan targeting problem areas before they start.
  • Implement responsive and accountable process with communities
  • Ensure that ward committees are functional and as councillors we meet and report back to our constituencies at least once a quarter (not taking anything away from our localised manifesto as a ruling party, we intend to engage with our communities at least monthly were possible).
  • We need to monitor complaints, petition and other feedback from communities.

We must create an environment of creativity, set goals and direction for our communities to follow us.

We have a duty of ensuring that each member of the community has access to at least minimum level of basic services (section 139 (5) of the constitution, section 73 (1) of the System Act. We need to make sure that our services like cutting grass, patching potholes, street lights and consistence refuse removal are provided within our financial and administrative capacity. We therefore need to adopt methods of delivering new infrastructure (develop fundable plans), increase the number of community works programmes sites (targeting youth) to render some of these services, we must pronounce plans for township establishment and strengthen the provision of free basic services and maintenance of indigent register.


Good governance is not about making correct decisions, it is about the possible process for making those decisions and implement them. Good decision making process, therefore, good governance share many characteristics. They all have a positive effect on local government, municipal councillors and officers’ conduct, policies and practice, role clarification and good working relationships.  Transparency & Accountability are key in order for Municipality to function, we will continue ensuring that oversight structures, section79 committees, audit committees, MPAC, IGR forums are functional. Our council meeting will seat in all our ward on quarterly basis.

We must cut down on wasteful expenditure as this leads to poor or non – service delivery.  We must implement post audit action plans. Budget has to be realistic and be based on available funds. We need to conduct a campaign on culture of payments for services & against illegal connection. We will act decisively against fraud and corruption. We will enforce competency standards for our managers & appoint people with the requisite skills, expertise and most importantly people with relevant qualifications. We will ensure senior managers and staff at strategic level will sign performance agreements with clear targets at the beginning of the financial year. The performance agreement must be published in the municipal website in line with section75 of Municipal Financial Management Act. We will make sure the top 5 positions are filled with credible people. Our organogram has to be realistic, affordable and underpinned by a service delivery model in line with new council vision. We will continue with our human resources development and management programmes, we intend to create a platform to engage organised labour. It is important to ensure that we share the same vision. We want to maintain adequate levels of experience and institutional memory for our municipality.

As we converge here, we need to expedite our planning so that we are able to respond to the following:

  1. Creating jobs and decent livelihood
  2. Expanding and upgrade infrastructure
  3. Transitioning to a low carbon economy
  4. Transforming urban and rural spaces
  5. Improving education and training
  6. Providing quality health care
  7. Building capable state
  8. Fighting corruption and enhancing accountability
  9. Transforming society and uniting the nation

These nine key areas should what guide our commitment to our communities.

In conclusion, let us maximise on the national program of government in developing our municipality.


“I Thank You”

Honorable Mayor – Strat Plan Opening – 20 Feb 2017


To achieve a peaceful and sustainable environment, where all communities enjoy an improved quality of life.


Provide affordable services, democratic governance and employment through infrastructural development, thriving agriculture, commerce, SMME’S and tourism activities

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