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Document Type: Integrated Development Plan

Uploaded on 2017/06/09


As Great Kei Municipality enters in the new term of Council, 2017-2022, it has become important to note that communities are impatient and they demand services and not just services but quality services.

This Council is fully aware of the community challenges and the limited resources to deliver good quality services. As part of this the municipality has:


  • Hosted two strategic plans in 2016 and 2017
  • Identified strategic partnerships with relevant departments to deliver quality services
  • Impressed on the alignment of the NDP, PGDP with the IDP


The development of a credible IDP requires all of us to ensure that plans from the respective sector departments are encapsulated in the IDP document. As part of focusing on the sustainable development, the council has identified Oceans Economy, Small Town Revitalization as catalyst projects for sustainable development.  Great Kei Municipality is currently working hard to ensure the realization of these initiatives.  The small harbours and coastal development programme of the Department of Public Works has given us an opportunity to assess our potential.


A series of meetings have been held with SALGA to ascertain how Great Kei Municipality can benefit from the Small Town Revitalization. The next five years of the IDP will be the most difficult in the history of Great Kei in that:


  • There is greater demand for land redistribution
  • Human Settlement has to deliver quality houses for the people of Great Kei
  • Investment opportunities are urgently needed to revive local economic development
  • Greater efforts needed in agriculture and tourism as catalysts for development


The cornerstone for any functional local government is, its implementation of Public Participation. Mechanisms have been developed to ensure that communities are kept abreast on service delivery, planning and implementation of service delivery.  The review of how the MIG is spent remains one of the key plans under consideration.  We are quite convinced that this IDP document will be credible, smart, realistic and fundable. The implementation of the IDP through the SDBIP will be critical in changing the lives of our people.

Yours in good governance,





DATE APPROVED : 31 May 2017



The Integrated Development Plan (IDP)-mandate of local authorities is generally based on Sections 152 and 153 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (Act 108 of 1996) and legislatively on the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act (32 of 2000).

The latter compels municipalities to adopt Integrated Development Planning as a strategic tool to guide the delivery of sustainable services and economic development and growth as a mechanism to alleviate poverty and to expand relative wealth through facilitating opportunities as a means to create jobs.


The Council held its inaugural Strategic Planning Session at Regent Hotel in East London during September 2016 and emerged with a shared understanding captured by its new vision which decisively commits Council to act efficiently and effectively towards realizing that vision.


The recurring “disclaimers & Adverse Opinions” since the inception of Great Kei Municipality as per the auditor general’s findings required a radical MIND SHIFT of the political and administrative status quo, and as such for the first time ever, Great Kei Municipality received a Qualified Audit Opinion in 2014/15 and Unqualified Opinion in 15/16, respectively. As the Administration we have committed ourselves to act decisively in implementing the audit action plan and the 2017/2022 IDP objectives of the Council, so that we are able to qualitatively account on the management of financial resources of the municipality, while complying with the Municipal Finance Management Act and related treasury legislations.


We’ve noted that Collection of revenue is central to our mandate of providing quality and affordable basic services, however the growing consumer debt, remain a concern. Mechanisms to enhance revenue collection are implemented and we have started to vigorously implement the credit control and debt collection policy.

We have implemented our Municipal Strategy and were able to ensure that front line services in licensing, sale of electricity, town planning, building control, local economic development programmes and technical & Community services are implemented to improve customer satisfaction.


Equally so, the IDP 2016/2017 does not imply that everything is fine but lays the foundation to address several challenges such as but not limited to:

  • Converting LED strategies and plans into results; ( SMMEs, Tourism & Agriculture Development)
  • Improving the Financial Viability of the municipality;
  • Creating and expanding sustainable infrastructure services;
  • Optimising the productivity of the municipality with special focus on management, human capital, fleet and equipment, processes, and technological capacity;
  • Completing a range of identified residential developments which is necessary to increase the size of the more affluent population as a mechanism to contribute towards a developing economy and an extended rates base;
  • Transforming Traffic law enforcement as a mechanism to ensure that all communities can work and live in a well-structured and disciplined safe environment where crime, fraud and corruption is answered with zero tolerance.
  • Tapping into the ocean economy and creating a conducive environment for local subsistence businesses to flourish and contribute to local economic development.


This IDP was drafted in the scenario of Good Governance and for that as the Head of Administration, would like to thank the citizens of our beloved Great Kei for their feedback and constant engagement with us. Citizen participation and internalisation of our programmes are the hallmarks of our service delivery ethos in Great Kei.  We would like to extend our gratitude to our sister municipalities in the Amathole District, the Provincial and National spheres of Government, and (DoE) in particular for the injection of electrification funds along the coast, as well as SALGA for their unqualified support.


Indeed, “many hands make the work lighter.





DATE : 31 May 2017

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To achieve a peaceful and sustainable environment, where all communities enjoy an improved quality of life.


Provide affordable services, democratic governance and employment through infrastructural development, thriving agriculture, commerce, SMME’S and tourism activities

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