Great Kei Local Municipality

Council Structure

Honorable L Tshetsha         Cllr L Ndabambi                   Cllr B Wood

Mayor / Speaker              Chief Whip                         Ward Cllr – Ward 1

Cllr L Tshetsha Cllr L NdabambiCllr B Wood








Cllr S Jacobs                            Cllr Z Nzuzo                          Cllr W Ndoro

PR Cllr – Ward 1                  Independent – Ward 2         Chairperson MPAC

Cllr Jacobs  Cllr Nzuzo Cllr Nzuzo







Cllr L Mhlontlo                       Cllr N.V Mevana Siswana        Cllr  Khantshashe

Local Economic                 Financial Viability and     Municipal Transformation and

Development                       Sustainability                      Institutional Development

Ward 3                                       Ward 4                                       Ward 5

Cllr MhlontloCllr MevanaCllr Khansthashe







Cllr L Tonze                            Cllr T Gqomoroshe                          Cllr N Mgema

Ward Cllr                          Service Delivery and                    Good Governance and

                                              Infrastructure Development      Public Participation 

Ward 6                                     Ward 7                                                    Ward 7

Cllr Tonze Cllr Gqomoroshe Cllr Mgema







Cllr T Ndolose

PR Cllr

Ward 7

Cllr Ndolose






To achieve a peaceful and sustainable environment, where all communities enjoy an improved quality of life.


Provide affordable services, democratic governance and employment through infrastructural development, thriving agriculture, commerce, SMME’S and tourism activities

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